Frequently Asked Questions

Updated – May 11, 2021

We call proxies the fuel that helps car run. Proxies are the mechanism that allows a user to connect to any website of need such as Footlocker, Adidas, Nike or Shopify sites. Servers are just computers, to put it simply. You need multiple proxies to be able to run multiple tasks to avoid the risk of getting blocked by certain websites.

Proxies make up our websites, online services, and other networks. People use proxies for many things: most proxies can change your IP address, while others can protect large websites or simply authenticate public Wi-Fi users.

Datacenter ISP Proxies are IPv4 subnet blocks announced on a data center server supported by an ISP network circuit. This gives added advantages against bans on a large scale as the ips appear as residential. The ISP provider is selected at our discretion and not the customers.

Residential Proxies are the highest quality proxies, because they look like real mobile or desktop devices. Actually, they ARE real devices. Each residential IP is a device that acts as a proxy server. To any site, traffic coming from residential proxies look like you and me. Even if you 'abuse' a residential proxy and a server blocks it, you can use another residential proxy from the same server without any issues – residential proxies are immune to blocks en masse.

Datacenter Proxies are virtual IP addresses created in powerful server hubs. They do not have any internet service provider information associated with them. These proxies are often banned, as their connections look like fake internet traffic.

No we do not, we ensure our proxies work prior to sale but cannot guarantee continued access since we do not control the end users actual use of the proxies. Simply put, if you abuse your proxies they will get banned.

We are honest, fair and dependable. We provide outstanding service and support to match our outstanding proxy offering. Our ISP proxies are dedicated to us and only us and never shared by multiple users. We take pride in our work and will continue to provide only dedicated proxies to our customers.